in 4 temperature ranges: levels 3 & 4 are generally too hot for 1st time partners

PART ONE - basics
Bachata can be danced with "space" between partners,and this is how we teach it in our beginning classes, except our accelerated Latin Intensive class..

1. movement
            grounded - heels, squat
            rib cage shoulder, upper body lead on upbeat
            push off floor
            hip rise, or tap
2. sway (marking it, rhythm variations)
3. jocky step (step-tap, step-tap)
4. side basic
5. F's CW turn 123 turn turn turn
6. F's CCW turn 567 turn turn turn
7. L's CCW turn 567 turn turn turn
8. L's CW turn 123 turn turn turn
9. L's behind back turn
10. 2H turns
11. SH turn and veil
12. 2SH turns and comb
13. promenade back break from SH
14. cuddle back breaks from 2H

PART TWO - beyond basics
1. simple R couple spin 123
2. cross step on 2 and/or 6 for more travel
3. grapevine side basic
4. CP walk: Pa'lante, Pa’atras
        VAR: outside partner
        VAR: cuddle
        VAR: varsouvienne
        VAR: hammerlock
        VAR: outside partner
5. flick back on 4 and 8
6. knee raise on 8 L, 4 F
7. free spins: alternating sides L&F together
8. tornado: extended couple R spin 123456 tap hold
      VAR:  1234567 tap, R basic123 hold mark2x 567
      VAR: 5687123 tap, mark2x 567
9. DIP from outside partner, Pa'lante, par atras
            fwd 12, dip 3, L big step fwd on 3, F arm high
10. DIP windup 567, dip 123, up and mark2x 567
            VAR:  SIT DIP from turn 567, into dip on 123
            VAR:  DIP/LEAN from turn 567, dip 123

The basis for these patterns is "pegado" position: also called "smooshed" or glued together, right high between partners legs. Not for the faint-of-heart. Some of these ideas can be done with a little space between partners, I suppose. From what I have seen, I think that the Dominicans, invented "dirty dancing."...

0. XXX goncho on 4 L, 8 F with knee raises opposite timing
1. L's 1/4 steps to tandem - F in front
            (turning basic 123, then L step-touch 2x)
            slide R hand on F's abdomen
            1H turns to 2H
            2H turns to cuddle-ish wrap
            tandem turns with lower hand release: windup 3 or 7
            Cuddle turns to hammerlock wrap
            2SH turns
            exit from opp. side 567t 1/4 steps
             F's RH behind back, LH overhead
            XXX tandem marking
2. SWAYZE/GREY (the movie!): from tandem, hands up F's123,
            slide 56 windup7, spin123 , dip/raise 4567
            L's hands potter's wheel on F's mid-section
            for stability and quick, sure catch: R dip.
            L big step R, F do not step back.
3. tandem: variations
             hands on hips VAR: fingers interlaced
             hands to angel
             sway on 2468
             hands overhead, slide to hips (Fs hand stay in air), then
             windup to L's L, double spin to back dip, body wave rise
4. L's 1/4 steps to tandem - L in front
            from 2H
            from 2SH
            switch hands overhead
            drop hands and catch
5. Sexi-Mexi: fall/rise marking down up on 5
            VAR: down 5 & 7
            XXX VAR: fall-rise with no marking
6. Shake It - hip pops 824, 468. 3 on a side.
            repeat to get back to phrase. VAR: leg wrap.
7. El Cubanto: F's arms on shoulders to hug tornado
8. XXX Julianna thigh-led marking
            XXX VAR: L's R thigh start 567
9. XXX DIP from back steps: fwd 567, back 123
    (L step x step) into dip on 3, F sits on L's R thigh.pivot exit.
          XXX VAR: same from close pos. 567 (windup 7)
          XXX VAR: F's leg wrap.
          XXX VAR: bounce 1357
          XXX VAR: marking
          XXX VAR: L's L arm high behind F’s forearm.
10. XXX thigh bounce
11. XXX hip circles (facing or tandem)

 Ithaca Dance