CASTLE FOX TROT - edition Jan 2009
Action - all the action occurs on the quick steps
All leads/preps - occur on the beat before the quick steps (beat 4 of 8-count pattern)

Basic Sequence:
Leader Forward
Leader Backward
Copules CW turn
Couples CCW turn

Couples Rocking Left Turn
Followers Outside Turn
Followers Inside Turn
Leaders Outside Turn
Followers Exhibition Walk (conversation & semi-open with free arm)

Closed Position Promenade Walk to Left
Two-Handed Promenade Walk Left
Two-Handed Promenade Walk Right
Open Follower and Leader Right Turn Around (Left also)
Cuddle Dip - full pattern into cuddle (establish position and hold before dip)

Conversation Step and Drag - 1 step, 2 shift weight, 3-4 count drag
(drag on inside edge of foot, not flat footed) var: 1 step 1+ change weight 2-4 drag
Left Parallel Walk (fwd or back) - Leader moves to Left of Follower
Right Parallel Walk (fwd or back) - Leader moves to Right of Follower
Serpentine - Leader to R side first (use elbow holds to practice first)

Left Parallel Pivot - Leader moves to Left of Follower, Leader back on beat 1,
Follower fwd on beat 1, then Leader and Follower fwd into CW turn on 234.
Cuddle and Return -16 count, fwd/back slows
Ochos - Leader's R side, Follower: step pivot step pivot (only 2 weight changes)

Couple's Right Pivot
Grapevine Left:
      default: F faces LOD, F step beat 1, cross beat 2, L hook beat 2, (knees bent, tight feet)
      VAR: F faces opp. LOD: F hook beat 2, L cross beat 2
Follower's Turn to Open Position & Return
Corte & Dip
Closed Position Promenade Walk to Right (el Escorpión)
Four count Forward and Back (or Bk & Fwd) - 1 count in one direction, 3 counts in opposite
16 Count Basic - vary direction on quicks (which are now 8 counts)
New Yorker - 2 beats to right, pivot, 2 beats to left, return to Closed Position
Grapevine to Right

  Ithaca Dance