HUSTLE ONE SYLLABUS upadated Jan. 2009
Basics: follower +1 : in place-front, not back-front, not at all like a rock-step
patterns in groups of 2's: +123+456

++ = beginning repertoire

Basic throwout and return:
      L: +1 side rock 2 cross slot, L: +4 back & cross to get out of slot for 2
Underarm turn throwout and return: OT and normal return
L's tunnel exit: L CW, facing opposite slot with 1/4 turn on 1
Cross body lead: alternate basic, couples CCW: L +1 2 pivot 3, F: +1 pivot 2 3

Open Basic : NY basic, 2H, same footwork as throwout and return.
      VAR: L's lunge in place
R face loop : 2H reverse cuddle F turns CW to cuddle, L's RH on F's R shoulder
      F goes out with OT.
Shoulder Sit: VAR of above. don't loop L's RH, instead bring to F's L shoulder,
      F goes out with OT.
Push Break: stop 2, push 2+, back 3
++ Walk Around : Side Pass (accordian turns)

++ Lady's Underarm Turn: IT place change
++ Alt. Hand Change: IT place changes, alternate sides & turn hands,
      hand high fingers up, show palm
Extended Underarm Turn: 6 count with a side travel first
++ L's Underarm Turn: L's RH face loop as in rope turn,
      ++ VAR: waist slide change places
      ++ VAR: leader's IT place change
++ Alt. Turns (swizzle turns): rope turns
Pull To Shadow w/ L's Head Loop: normal entrance as F turns, taking F's LH in L's LH, F outCW to 2SH, L's LH on top, L reaching underneathh with       RH, in with L's sombrero LH, normal out.
Butterfly: 2H F in with CW turn, overhead hand change to shadow hand hold,
      F out OT CW to 2SH, continue as above.

Rolling Break: IT in, normal out, IN: fwd +123 pivot 3+
      Roll Around: turning cuddle, CCW, out with inside turn to starting postion
++ L's Behind Back Turn with place change VAR: change hands

Right turning using 90 degree postion 4x (throwout on 4th)
Return & throwout 4x
IT place change - L's BB 2x
Rope turns 4x
Accordian turns 4x (to "closed" on 4th)

  Ithaca Dance