Wedding Dance:
Classic Slow Dance

Bridal Dance, Father-Daughter Dance,
Mother-Son Dance. any slow dance

"My bride and I found the dance taught in this Wedding Dance DVD to be ideal: stylish and romantic, and on the day it was a joy.  I had no prior dancing experience, but it was accessible, great fun, and I was able to approach the first dance with confidence." - Tim Riley, groom
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Why are bridal couples saying that this is the BEST
Wedding Dance DVD Instructional on the market?
Wedding Dance DVD Lessons, kurt lichtmann, christel trutmann
First, we directly address the needs of total beginners, who just want to learn enough for an easy classic romantic slow first dance. You will learn a relaxed dance that you will enjoy, and that all your guests will admire. Unlike almost every current wedding dance DVD, we focus on exactly what you want. We don't try to teach you five ballroom dances that hardly ever get played at weddings, unless your guests are hardcore ballroom enthusiasts! For most beginners, it is a lot to learn ONE dance!

"I'm glad you did this.  It needed to be done!...the Wedding Dance DVD is geared at the perfect level for the couple who wants to take that step beyond “Hug and Wobble” without enormous effort or expense.   With the help of this video, anyone can do it! Overall, great job. Impressive."
- Susan Hertz, Mother of the Bride

Second, it is your wedding day: you are not training for a dance competition! You are not "dancing with the stars," you are dancing with your lover (or father or mother). There is a vast difference between relaxed affectionate SOCIAL dance and a COMPETITION. Of course, it is fun to showoff a bit! So, we have some goodies for you if you want to venture into diva territory.

Third, many people cannot dance to the beat, the rhythm of the music. No problem: dancing to the music or not, we show you how to have a fun & impressive bridal dance, and as you will see, we have a lot of fun doing it! We have been helping wedding couples for years: our method works.

"My hat is off to you. Last night was my wedding, and your product was exactly what I was looking for. I ordered the dvd about three weeks before my wedding, and without ANY dance experience, was able to utilize the info, gain confidence, and create a memorable dance. I came across your post on Youtube, and despite being in Southern California, received the parcel in only three days. The dvd was well organized, and had professional production value....I am 100 percent satisfied with my purchase, something I can't say very often."
- Henri N. Milano, recent groom

The ONLY Wedding Dance DVD
that helps even when:

* Our wedding is in TWO weeks!!!
   You say we can do this!?
* But I can't hear the rhythm of the music.
* I am worried about stepping on her gown?
* I look and feel kind of stiff...
Kurt & Christel show you how to:

* look good, relax, enjoy each other, have fun!
recover after you mess up
* practice efficiently
* practice together without fighting
* select clothes and shoes
* execute dips safely
* select good songs for your wedding dance

"...helps take the stress out of the first dance,
and my kids enjoyed it too!"
-Tara Reimer, Wedding Planner
Kurt & Christel
Kurt & Christel are the #1 wedding dance instructors in Ithaca NY. Kurt received his Masters Degree in Music Education from Ithaca College in 1982, and taught dance at Cornell University and Ithaca College for 12 glorious years. Kurt and his teaching partners have taught wedding dance to hundreds of couples like yourselves - it works! You can take a private lesson or series from us in person! 

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wedding dance dvd, kurt lichtmann, christel trutmann
Our Wedding Dance DVD *was*
Amazon's top seller for over five years!

Wedding Dance DVD, kurt lichtmann, christel trutmann

Wedding Dance DVD, kurt lichtmann, christel trutmann

Wedding Dance DVD, kurt lichtmann, christel trutmann

"I like this DVD a lot.  It has well-organized navigation and good suggestions for dance steps. I was also impressed that the Castle Fox-Trot works so well as a  wedding dance when slowed down as much as you did....It's fun to do within an easy timing. I also like that you begin with today's swaying-in-place prom dancing, instead of dismissing the way your students already dance. You respectfully acknowledge the dancing they already do, then incorporate it into your version of the Castle Fox-Trot."
- Dr. Richard Powers, Dance Historian, Stanford U.

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"We were pretty inexperienced with dancing, and didn't have time/money to take lessons or a class. We were browsing on YouTube and found Kurt and Christel's video. Many of the other instructional videos on YouTube were incomplete or too confusing for a beginner. Not sure if buying DVD would be any help at all, we trusted the good reviews that Kurt and Christel got and ordered the DVD anyway - and it was completely worth it! We went through the whole DVD several times, and had a lot of fun with it. Dancing went from being a scary mystery to a fun way to enjoy being together. When it came time for our wedding dance, we didn't use all of the moves we had practiced, but we felt comfortable, had a good frame, and looked good on the dance floor. We had fun during our first dance instead of feeling awkward!"
- Jon & Lisa, 2010
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"This lyrical dance, which is so easy to learn with this wedding dance DVD, is such a romantic and graceful experience to do and to watch.
I can recommend it to everyone."
- Gillian Pederson-Krag, artist

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"Fun and easy to use wedding dance DVD!"
- Eric Russo, Banquet Hall Manager,
Six Mile Creek Winery

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"Amazingly clear and easy to navigate, this is by far the best dance DVD I've ever used …we picked up the steps right away from this wedding dance DVD, and soon we were improvising around the core sequences …. entertaining and fun to watch."
- Elliot Sullivan, Author/Publisher